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For eight years Aaron has progressed through the comedy circuit, now performing paid 20-minute sets in professional clubs around the country, as well as Berlin, Barcelona, and Paris. Praised for his likeability, honesty, and joke telling, Aaron utilises his strange but true-life story, transforming it into laughter.

"The woefully self-deprecating comic Aaron Levene was next. He was the highlight of the set, letting the audience into his love life. The Uncle Fester lookalike confessed to struggling in the dating world, being more into M&Ms than S&M, and provided the best one-liner of the afternoon; there’s orange Jews and lemon Jews, some people find them a little Hassidic. " **** Jewish Chronicle

"Acidic Wit" **** Edinburgh Reporter

"Aaron is a pro - with very funny expertly crafted material coupled with an endearing and engaging performance. We have consistently booked Aaron for 20-minute spots and look forward to having him on future bills." Ric Wharton, Comedy Knights

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